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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Napster Says, "iStupid!"
I'm accustomed to getting my daily dose of idiocy from the Bush regime but this is pretty goddamned stupid:

Napster has revealed an aggressive marketing campaign against Apple's iPod as part of its plans for a full launch of the Napster To Go portable subscription service later this quarter. The service is one of the first services enabled by Microsoft's Janus technology, which allows music files bought via subscription services to be transferred from a PC to a portable device.

According to Napster CEO Chris Gorog, his company is betting heavily that the monthly 'all you can eat' subscription model will win customers over the download strategy currently pursued by iTunes. Gorog believes the best way to market the new service is to emphasise its advantages over iTunes. He's particularly keen to highlight iTunes' iPod-only compatibility. "We're going to be communicating to people that it's stupid to buy an iPod."

If you own an iPod, write to Napster. You might want to tell them how you feel about being called stupid by the folks who "created" one of the absolute ugliest, lamest Super Bowl ads EVER.