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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Another Pop Quiz
Name this foreign politician who:

  • ...has been quoted as saying, "We need a strong policy to combat radical Islam. It is used as a breeding-ground for terrorism. We cannot afford not to watch them very closely."

  • ...when a court overturned his attempt to expel a radical Muslim cleric who advocated the stoning of women, he merely changed the law, and the cleric was on the next plane leaving for his country of origin.

  • ...sponsored laws which led to a court decision to ban a Lebanese satellite-television station with ties to Hezbollah.

  • ...established an intelligence network long before 11 September 2001 to monitor radical Muslims in his country. Its agents keep a close eye on mosques and other places in which Muslims gather to pray. It has even extended its reach into butcher shops, fast-food restaurants, specialist bookshops, telephone call-centers, and other places which could be meeting points or fronts or recruitment places.

  • ...supports current laws which allow terrorist suspects to be held up to 96 hours without charge; allow detention by a judge for, "association with wrongdoers involved in a terrorist enterprise"

  • ...ensured the immediate detention of all of its citizens who were released from Guantanamo.

  • ...has also been quoted as saying, "We must never find ourselves in a position of powerlessness. Democratic governments must ensure order, as this is a guarantee of our freedoms."

The answer will come later this week.

...the answer is, the much-vilified (in the US at least) Dominique de Villepin, foreign minister of France, according to The Economist of 18-31 December 2004.