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Sunday, October 03, 2004

Excellent Rantitude!
Wow! Check out this guy's rants.

This one compares Bush to a box of Tic Tacs.

And this is a howlingly great tribute to Dr. Seuss:

Saddam: I'm Saddam. Saddam I am.
I do not like you, Uncle Sam.

Uncle Sam: Would you like to bomb Iran?
We'll sell you weapons, despite the ban.

Saddam: I would not like to bomb Iran!
Praise be to Allah, and Koran!
Those weapons are against convention...

Uncle Sam: Never mind Geneva, pay no attention!

We hate Iran, it's our contention.
We have no qualm, no apprehension!

Saddam: I'll give this task to Ibrahim.
He'll make a plan! He'll plot a scheme!

Uncle Sam: Business as usual with your regime.

Saddam: My inner circle is full of turds.
Is it any surprise that we'd gas the Kurds?

Uncle Sam: We knew you gassed them in '88.
We weren't concerned 'til you raided Kuwait.