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Friday, August 27, 2004

Them's Fightin' Words
In what is surely the most important election of the last half-century, we seem trapped in the politics of the madhouse. What is incredible is that these attacks on men who served not just honorably, but heroically, are coming from a hawkish party that is controlled by an astonishing number of men who sprinted as far from the front lines as they could when they were of fighting age and their country was at war.

More Bob Herbert here


Thursday, August 26, 2004

A new 527 organization announced its existence today. " Alabama National Guard Soldiers for Truth" (ANGST), is comprised of all the service members who served with George W. Bush in the Alabama National Guard after May 1972, and therefore can testify to the president completing his military commitment which enabled him to avoid going to Vietnam.

Below is a photo from a recent gathering of ANGST:

No spokesperson was available for comment, and repeated calls to ANGST were not returned.


Oooh, Almost Immortal!
I discovered today that my site, unelectable.com is mentioned in Wikipedia's definition of a 'google bomb'.

I guess if I was really clever, I would have had an auto-forward from the framed Bush bio, to a page selling some cafe press unelectable.com swag... the site gets a few hundred hits a month and probably would get more if I promoted it. Oh well...


Tuesday, August 24, 2004


Pass it on.


Juan Cole Nails Bush
In these days when my fury with the Swift Liars and the GOP smear machine renders me incapable of writing much that's original or useful on the topic, reading this post by Juan Cole is quite cathartic:

The debate that a handful of Texas multi-millionnaires close to the Bush family have cleverly manufactured over John Kerry's war record is absurd in every way.... Most of those making the charges have even flip-flopped, contradicting themselves. Or they weren't eyewitnesses and are just lying.

But to address the substance of this Big Lie is to risk falling into its logic. The true absurdity of the entire situation is easily appreciated when we consider that George W. Bush never showed any bravery at all at any point in his life. He has never lived in a war zone. If some of John Kerry's wounds were superficial, Bush received no wounds.... Kerry saved a man's life while under fire. Bush did no such thing.

What was Bush doing with his youth? He was drinking. He was drinking like a fish, every night, into the wee hours. For decades. He gave no service to anyone, risked nothing, and did not even slack off efficiently.

The history of alcoholism and possibly other drug use is a key issue because it not only speaks to Bush's character as an addictive personality, but may tell us something about his erratic and alarming actions as president. His explosive temper probably provoked the disastrous siege of Fallujah last spring, killing 600 Iraqis, most of them women and children, in revenge for the deaths of 4 civilian mercenaries, one of them a South African. (Newsweek reported that Bush commanded his cabinet, "Let heads roll!") That temper is only one problem. Bush has a sadistic streak. He clearly enjoyed, as governor, watching executions. His delight in killing people became a campaign issue in 2000 when he seemed, in one debate, to enjoy the prospect of executing wrong-doers a little too much. He has clearly gone on enjoying killing people on a large scale in Iraq. Drug abuse can affect the ability of the person to feel deep emotions like empathy. Two decades of pickling his nervous system in various highly toxic substances have left Bush damaged goods. Even for those who later abstain, "visual-spatial abilities, abstraction, problem solving, and short-term memory, are the slowest to recover." That he managed to get on the wagon (though with that pretzel incident, you wonder how firmly) is laudable. But he suffers the severe effects of the aftermath, and we are all suffering along with him now, since he is the most powerful man in the world.

Amen, brother Cole.

While Kerry was fighting VCs, Bush was fighting DTs.