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Saturday, August 21, 2004

Another Victim of Right-wing Political Correctness
Graphic Designer Fired For Heckling Bush

Bush/Cheney '04 - Four More Reichs!


Funky Leucadia
I've been wanting to blog on the Swift Boat Liars business but I'm just too damn angry about the whole thiing to write anything that would be coherent. It would probably contain a lot of expletives and not much clarity or much that's original, that hasn't already been said by other bloggers.

So, let me tell you about my SoCal adventures.

I found a really cool little motel in Leucadia, which is a funky little wide spot in the road along the coast highway 101. I'm looking forward to sampling the local restaurants. There's one, La Especial Norte, whose parking lot is always PACKED around dinner time. I'll have to go early one night. I could tell it was good even before I went by the place during the busy hours.

The Leucadia Beach Motel is managed by Dolly, a Del Mar native who does not actually own the property, but make no mistake, she is the queen here. A benevolent queen. She later confided to me that she is a good judge of personality and she won't hesitate to quote a higher rate to, or send away any prospective guest from whom she doesn't get the right 'vibe'. I guess she liked me, she gave me the off-season rate.

From the outside it looks like a dive, but the rooms are clean and more or less up-to-date. They have kitchenettes and MUCH better cable TV than the Red Roof Inn where I was staying, but no phones in the rooms. That's OK, everyone has a cell phone these days and who uses the phone in a hotel room anyway these days?

There's also no ice machine but there's a communal bbq which happens to be right outside my window. So I get to smell everything that everyone cooks out there and of course it makes it easy to meet other guests, I only need to step outside and be a little nosy about what's cooking. The motel has a nice little neighborhood feel - a total opposite of the sterile Red Roof Inn experience. Dolly had some of her family over tonight for an outside dinner and I was invited to join in, which I did.

Yet another reason to like being in Leucadia is that I can do my daily bicycle ride by just stepping outside and going. Not that driving a 1/2 mile from the Red Roof Inn was a hardship, of course, but I do like the idea of being so close to my ride route.

I've been biking between 1.5 and 2 hours most every day, and enjoying the hell out of it. Before I moved to Leucadia, I had been going round trip between south Carlsbad to Torrey Reserve, about 16 miles or 1 hour each way. Now I can do the same route, just from a different departure point.

There's a chance I will be out here the rest of the year, only we'll be moving the show up to Long Beach in order to be closer to the ultimate client (that is, my boss's client). I don't want to think about it too much, for fear of getting my hopes up! If it happened I would miss staying in north county but we would have a nice loft for our work and I'm sure I'll be able to find good biking opportunities there, just not as nice as here!

Pictures to come in a few days. I left my digicam back home so I'll have to do still caps from the DV camera.

now back to being pissed off about the swift liars.


Monday, August 16, 2004

They Get Letters
My friend Chris gets letters from wingnuts.

A choice quote:

you should be taken off the internet for propoganda... you are misrepresenting facts to paint bush in a negative light.... does he have his faults, sure, do some of those facts show where he has messed up, sure .... but alot of those things you said happened during his presidency are completely irrelevnat to his abilities as leader of this country and are in no shape or form his fault .... you are misleading ignorant people to vote for a liberal jackass like kerry ... whose the most two faced, coward of a canidate weve had ina while, the catholic church wont even let him celebrate mass... until you runĀ a website with similar facts about kerry and the many many bad things he has done, i will have no respect for you or anyone on your website,

jordan jackson, pa