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Friday, August 13, 2004

"Ridiculous Hearsay" Caught On Tape
Today Reuters reports on the White House's reaction to the Michael Moore interview with Porter Goss, where Goss asserts he doesn't have the skills to work for the CIA:

The White House dismissed the Moore interview transcript as "ridiculous hearsay" and emphasized the depth of bipartisan respect for Goss on Capitol Hill.

"Ridiculous hearsay"???Oh, really?

Only in Bush Bizarro world is a filmed interview, "ridiculous hearsay"...

Only 12 more weeks until our long national nightmare is over.


Thursday, August 12, 2004

A Week (so far) In Paradise
If you've ever spent an August in Phoenix, going to San Diego for the month is indeed like paradise. From 110+ degrees and 30% humidity to 75 degrees max, nice cool foggy mornings for biking, a beautiful coast highway to bike on, an edit suite with cable modem and no boss cracking the whip... and I'm getting paid to be here.

Sucks to be me, eh?

And I just found out I will be here until mid September, I'm needed very badly on this production. So while I am able to keep up with news and blogs, I won't have much time to search for material worthy of blogging. Some time, but not much.

So, go enjoy the rest of the blogosphere. About twice a week I'll post something here... a photo or text. Won't have much time for anything else.

Cheers from north San Diego county!