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Saturday, June 26, 2004

Fair and Balanced
I was thinking about some of the horrific images in Fahrenheit 9/11. (And I know it could have been much, much more graphic.)

If our So-Called Liberal Media truly wanted to be 'fair and balanced', then every time they do a piece showing the gee-whiz wonder of our mighty military, they should do a piece on the toll of war. The maimed and dead soldiers, their devastated families, as well as those of the innocent civilians.

This brings up one of the more ridiculous aspects of the anti F911 criticism. "Why doesn't Moore ever mention Saddam's atrocities? He had rape rooms!"

Well excuse me Mr. Wingnut, but that's ALL we hear about from our wonderful SCLM. I think we all know that by now. I think we have all heard it a minimum of 1000 times and no one is disputing that.

What we rarely if ever hear about, is the carnage of war. The innocents who pay the price for our warmongering.

F911 is providing a bit of fairness and balance to our one-note johnnies in the media and the blogosphere. And for that, Moore is crucified. Go figure.


MoveOn Chooses Babbitt!!!!!
MoveOn.org PAC has chosen Paul Babbitt, candidate for Arizona's CD1, as just one of the four most important races for them to get involved with!!!!!

Please support Paul Babbitt. He CAN win this race, with enough money and Democratic support. The incumbent is a GOP carpetbagger who barely defeated a really lousy Dem candidate in 2002, with a lot of help from the Miserable Failure.

You may also donate to his campaign here, and if you do so please tack $0.01 onto the dollar amount (for CD1) so that the campaign knows you came from here.

Finally, I'd like to organize a Blogs For Babbitt campaign, so if you are an Arizona blogger, please contact me.Thanks.


Read It And Weep, Wingnuts
MichaelMoore.com has posted samples of emails they've received about the fantastic response to Fahrenheit 9/11. You really should go read it.

The people have spoken. They love the movie and loathe Bush.

Bye bye, Georgie. Moore just kneecapped you.


Fahrenheit 9/11 - Audience Participation
F911 would make a GREAT audience participation film, a la Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Saw F911 again last night. I could see it over and over! Great film. Can't wait for the DVD.


Friday, June 25, 2004

Give Paul Babbitt Turkee Week 2
Paul Babbitt, brother of former Clinton administration SecInt Bruce Babbitt, is running for Arizona's 1st District. The current officeholder, Rick Renzi, barely squeaked into office in 2002 thanks to a lot of Bush visits to Arizona and a really wretched Democratic opponent.

Oh and I forgot to mention last week, is a carpetbagger. Paul Babbitt, on the other hand, has deep roots in northern Arizona (the Babbitts are a pioneer family) and is currently a county supervisor. He will serve the PEOPLE of his district, and his country well - not the special interests and crooks currently benefitting from the Bush mis-rule.

This seat can be won by the Democrats!!!!!! but they need a little boost from you. The GOP will fight hard to keep this seat.

Please give Paul Babbitt turkee, and tack $0.01 (for District 1) onto the end of your donation (e.g., $25.01) so they know it came from this blog.

I mean, just look at that picture of him! Does he look like an honest man-of-the-people or what? How could you resist giving $25.01, $50.01, $100.01 or more to put a good guy like that in Congress?


Fahrenheit 9/11: Been There, Seen That
Just got back from F911. Quick impressions:

  • The theater was about 2/3 full... for a morning show on a weekday. Pretty impressive. There was a good sized line outside waiting to get in for the next show, when we exited the auditorium.

  • It is a powerful, moving film. A true tour-de-force. You will be moved to tears more than once.

  • Even a Bush-lover could not leave that film, without doubts about why we got into this war and those who misled us into it.

  • It is really striking how you will be laughing your arse off one moment, and feel like crying only moments later. It's an emotional roller-coaster ride that finally settles into profound, somber sorrow and anger for the way our country has been misled into war.

  • There is, blessedly, not a whole lot of Michael Moore on-screen. The material is too serious for his clowning. I am sure this occurred to Moore long before now.

  • It is incredibly up-to-date as far as using testimony from 9/11 Commission hearings and in other ways. They must have been still editing and re-writing it up until a couple months ago.

  • It is a virtuoso performance in film editing.

  • How did he get all that footage? How did he get some of those people, like the Marine Corps recruiters, to consent to being filmed for a Michael Moore movie? How perfect(ly sad) was the story of Lila Lipscomb? No one could have known in advance that she would lose a son in Iraq and do such a complete 180, from pro-Bush, pro-war to anti-war.

  • Right-wingers will try to nitpick it to death, which is missing the larger point which is made quite well and beyond a shadow of any reasonable doubt: Whose interests do the Bushes put first? Those of the USA and its people, or those of the Saudis and the Bush family and its cronies?

  • The Bush regime rules by fear.

  • For most if not all of you reading this blog, much of what you will see is known to you already. The magic is in the telling of the tale. It is deftly and expertly woven. It is certainly a subjective view, "one way of looking at the facts." This is not a negative thing - facts are what they are, and then there is the way we weave them together in our minds or in what we say to others. That is, inherently, subjective.

    As with a rug, some ways of weaving facts into a POV 'hang together' much better than other ways. Bush apologists will attempt to pick at this thread or that thread - but there is no denying the power and cohesiveness of Moore's message.

  • Anyone you see criticizing this film who HASN'T seen it, you should tell them to STFU in however polite or strong a manner as you feel comfortable with. They REALLY don't know what they are talking about if they have not seen it. Yes, I'm talking to you too, media 'ho's.

  • No 20 minute standing ovation, but definitely a lot of applause when the movie finished.

  • Great score, great choice of music including "Rockin' In The Free World" for the closing credits. Some of the lyrics of the songs fit so perfectly. "I'd Love To Change The World" (that song at the end of the movie's trailer) is not in F911.

  • I want to repeat my third point: Even a Bush-lover could not leave that film, without doubts about why we got into this war and those who misled us into it. Yes, I am part of the anti-Bush choir. But I am also in the (video) production business and I think I know good filmmaking when I see it. Anybody who leaves this film denying they were moved by it, is lying to you. Be confident that even though they won't admit it, they have a lot of doubts and questions about Bush and his cronies and the Saudis and why we went to war with Iraq, anyway.

    If enough people see Fahrenheit 9/11 who aren't already 'in the choir', it could well be the nail in Bush's election coffin.


Wednesday, June 23, 2004

F911 Tickets
Got my F911 tickets for a Friday morning showing. I'll probably go again that night.

Can't wait! I'll blog about the film Friday afternoon, right after I get back.


Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Bah Humbug
Can't you kids see I'm busy? Go play on the freeway or something.

But seriously, I'm tuned into the world but kinda busy with other things. And burning with anticipation for F911.


Monday, June 21, 2004

A Modest Proposal
I've been reading up on the forthcoming book by "Anonymous", an intelligence veteran, entitled Imperial Hubris: How The West Is Losing The War On Terror. See here and here.

Despite the title's implication, the author seems to be writing that we have, for better or worse, left ourselves with no option but to wage total war. To be clear, this is a bit more complex than Yoshida's prescriptions for all that ails the world ('many will die, but it will be worth it in the end!'); the author believes that our leaders have so thoroughly botched matters in the Middle East (going back before the current Bush regime), that total war is our only remaining viable option.

I'm just a dumbass layman and not a big shot columnist or diplomat, but I'd like to offer a modest proposal to solve the conflict with Islamic radicals, in a way that neither a) gives in to terrorists, nor b) incites a world war of annihilation in order to squash some very nasty cockroaches:

1) Solve the fucking Israeli - Palestinian issue! Make the Israelis withdraw (mostly) to the 1967 borders.

This is hard, I know, and what's more, it won't involve bombs and guns, it will take patience and diplomacy, it won't enrich Halliburton and other Bush cronies, and it will piss off impatient bubbas with Confederate flags on their pickup trucks who always think killing the ragheads is the solution to everything.

But this remains the key issue in the Arab world. Under the Bush regime, we have completely sided with the Israelis. We must find a way to stand up to them, as difficult as that is given politicians' fears of the pro-Israel lobby. Nevertheless, Israeli and US interests are NOT always mutual. We must get tough with them, both as a sign to the Arab world that we intend to become the 'honest broker' once again, and also in order to force Israel to adopt a more reasonable negotiating position. Currently, what the Israelis are offering the Palestinians seems much like the future we offered to our Indians. A life of poverty and misery on geographically isolated reservations. No people with any pride would settle for that in exchange for "peace".

2) Begin to wean our economy off petroleum. Oil is only going to get more expensive, not less. At some future point, the cost of oil will rise to the point where alternative energy sources will look inexpensive in comparison. It makes a lot more sense to begin developing alternative energy sources now, rather than waiting for a crisis, so that they are ready to switch to in a relatively seamless manner.

The cost of oil should also be calculated to include the cost of maintaining military forces in the ME, as well as the lives lost trying to defend it. Think about it - if it weren't for the oil, we'd show as much concern for Arab violence as we did in Rwanda.

When we wean ourselves off oil, we not only make it possible to disengage from the Middle East, we also defund the Saudis, who fund terrorism with our dollars!

3) Pursue terrorists cells through better intelligence, better cooperative policework across continents. Think of it like the Cold War.

I realize this is asking for a lot. It demands long-range planning, foresight, and the determination to see it through to the end.

And as I mentioned, it will not enrich the usual suspects. It also won't satisfy the bloodlust of the Bubba crowd.

But is it not also asking a lot - even MORE - to demand that our society mobilize for Armageddon?


Sunday, June 20, 2004

"The Terminal" - Terminally Stupid
I saw the third lousy movie in a row at the theater last night - The

If you enjoy schmaltzy Hollywood crap that you've seen a hundred times
before, then this is the movie for you.

If you would applaud Tom Hanks for bending over and farting on screen,
then this is the movie for you.

If you enjoy paying for the priviledge of watching two hours of
product placement shots, then this is the movie for you.

Otherwise, avoid it and wait for Fahrenheit 9/11 or Spiderman 2.

I thought "The Day After Tomorrow" had a more believeable plot.

Stanley Tucci turns in a very pleasing performance but that's about
the only good thing I can say about this steaming pile of celluloid

You know what I remember most about this film other than how badly it

"Starbucks! Burger King! Borders! United Airlines! Starbucks! Borders!
Starbucks! Burger King! Borders!"

If you've ever been through an airport mall, you'll see a lot more of the more obscure store names in this ad-fest.

I can't fucking believe they had the nerve to charge me $9 to watch ADS for two very LONG hours.

I actually took to saying the names out loud every time they showed
up. Some of the audience members chuckled - I think they got the point
I was making.

There was one audience member who seemed to enjoy the film - she was
guffawing out loud, very LOUD and long after everyone else had STFU.
I'm guessing she was an easily amused moron. I feel sorry for her

For God's sake, avoid this movie!