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Saturday, June 05, 2004

A random collection of the latest rantings from the retard-right:

Kim Du Toit, he of the legendary essay "The Pussification of the Western Male" (check out the photo of him showing off his surrogate penis):

As if we need any further proof that President Fuckface would signify The End Of Civilization As We Know It, try this little number:
Sen. John Kerry promised yesterday to add 20,000 combat soldiers and 20,000 support troops to the U.S. Army and to double the number of Special Forces as part of building a 21st-century military, which he said he would pay for in part by cutting from the missile-defense program.

Oh, that's just fucking great. So as North Korea, Iran and the other Asswipe Nations build up their nuke capability, our would-be President Marxist Moron would add infantry at the cost of our missile defense shield?

I'm surprised he didn't suggest adding 20,000 social workers by cutting the missile-defense programs -- although that would doubtless come in Year 2 of his Socialist Presidency.

Adam Yoshida, who found one single comment thread on DU with unkind comments about Reagan and his impending death, and spins it into an indictment of all on the left, while at the very same time expressing his usual fantasies of killing and maiming all of his enemies:

If you want to see what contemptible shit most partisan Democrats are, I invite you to read this thread at Democrat Underground.

Now, let's make this clear: I use strong language and I wish death upon the enemies of America. But I would never revel in the death of any American President, even those (such as Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton) that I hold in contempt. Let's review a few remarks, shall we?

Lou_C says: "Bonzo's owner wouldn't want shit buried by his pet chimp", of the former President.

Dolo Amber says: I didn't know pure evil could die!

Mike_C says: at the last minute it will leave his body... and briefly inhabit every bullet killing an innocent victim of U.S. foreign policy everywhere on Earth before returning to Hell with a smile on its face.

impeachbushnow says: in the case of Nancy, Im sorry but she deserves every single thing she has had to deal with over these past 20 years. My Father -in-law just passed away last month after having Alzheimer's for the past 10 years so I have a pretty good understanding of whats involved. Yeah, it is a living hell not only for the person but for those in the family. I'll say it again, she got everything she deserved.

I'm going to stop now. Reading what these bastards say already has me wanting to find the nearest liberal and beat him unconcious.

The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler, always a reliable source of right-wing venom and bile, shares with us this photo-illustration of Al Gore as Hitler.

Yeah, that Al Gore, he sure is a fucking Nazi. He goes around crushing dissent, impugning the motives of anyone who disagrees with his policies, has people tortured in his prisons, wages wars for empire, and passed laws curtailing civil rights and expanding police powers.

Oh, wait...

And finally, go on over to Ricky Vandal's blog and stare in wonder at his latest obsession, "Washingtonienne" (the former Congressional staffer who blogged about turning tricks with the rich and powerful on the side, to subsidize her meager salary). Methinks Ricky is a sex-crazed virgin.


Friday, June 04, 2004

Fahrenheit 9/11 Trailer Back Up
The Fahrenheit 9/11 trailer is back online after a brief absence. The QuickTime version is hosted by Apple. I didn't click on the Winblows Media version.


"It's Amazing What They Can Train Seals To Do These Days!"
Eschaton commenter Cosmic Grappler regales us with the following could-be-true tale of Commander Codpiece:

Bush was to tape a congratulations to the Army special forces. He came in, didn't say hello to the crew or anyone else in the room, sat down and read the speech off the Teleprompter.

His aide said that was good, but that Bush had missed the word "Army,"

Buh got testy and said, sarcasm in his voice, "Oh, and I suppose the Navy has special forces."

The aide said, "Yes, sir, they're called SEALs."

Bush got angrier. "So, now you're telling me that all the branches of the military have special forces?"

The aide, visibly cringing, said, "Yes, sir, they all do."

"Even the Air Force?"

"Yes, sir."

Bush got up and stormed out of the room, pissed off.

Yes, boys and girls, this is our Commander in Chief. And this happened before the wheels started coming off. I can only guess what he's like now.



Thursday, June 03, 2004

Big Lies
I never had sex with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.

-Bill Clinton

Chalabi?... I haven't had any extensive conversations with him.

-George W. Bush


More Republican Lies
From the latest mailing I received from the RNC:

The Washington Post calls the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Terry McAuliffe the "most prolific fundraiser of his generation."

yes, those poor Republicans, they have SUCH a hard time raising money...

I can promise you he will spend the money he raises on TV ads that distort the truth and confuse voters.

Kettle, you're black!

If the Democrats succeed, they will repeat their performance from 1993, when they used a Democrat White House and Congress to pass the largest tax increase in history.

I for one, sure hope the Democrats repeat their performance from 1993, when they raised taxes to offset the large deficit spending incurred under 12 years of Republican leadership, which in turn contributed to the economic boom under their reign.

The letter is signed by Ed Gillespie and closes thusly:

If you are not going to renew, please take a few moments to tell me why by making your comments on the reply and returning it to me.

Sure Ed, I'd be happy to do so! Thanks for asking!!!! I'll also be happy to send you some coupons for local businesses and grocery store flyers and whatever other junk mail I can cram into your postage-paid return envelope!!!!


Schadenfreude Part II
Perusing the Freeper comments referenced below, which were posted since my post, I came across this gem:

I have no doubt whatsoever - NONE - that if this Plame thing had involved a Democratic administration, the whole thing would have died a quiet death a year ago - no investigation, no grand jury, NOTHING. And that makes me livid.

Uh huh.





Vince Foster-gate.

Yeah, those all died a quiet death and no one was ever investigated, no one ever testified before a grand jury.

And all were FAR more serious than blowing the cover of a CIA agent involved in WMD intelligence.

Are these people capable of conceiving exactly how full of shit they are?


Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Fahrenheit 9/11 Trailer
See it here.

I've watched it five times already. Can't wait to see the whole movie.


Schadenfreude Is Not A German Pastry
Bush has hired outside counsel in the Plame affair:

President Bush has consulted an outside lawyer in case he needs to retain him in the grand jury investigation of who leaked the name of a covert CIA operative last year, the White House said Wednesday.

There was no indication that Bush is a target of the leak investigation, but the president has decided that in the event he needs an attorney's advice, "he would retain him," White House spokeswoman Claire Buchan said.

If you'd like to enjoy a heapin' helpin' of schadenfreude, go check out the freeper comments on the matter. They are absolutely beside themselves.

"ABC News' Kate Snow reports that President Bush has contacted an outside attorney in case over leak of name of CIA operative Valerie Plume,..."

If I'm not badly mistaken (and I believe that I'm not) the name in "Plame" and not "Plume." I doubt the validity of this article in that no reputable journalist would misspell someone's name. Oh crap!! I completely forgot that we are dealing with the press which is a vital organ of the LEFT in this country.

Oh, dear! A reporter made a typo in the rush to get the story on-line! Clear, irrefutable proof of the Liberal Media Conspiracy(TM)!!! They are on to us!

Me no understand.

Huh? Bush wouldn't have leaked anything to Novak. What's he need private counsel for?


October surprise. By then all the preliminaries will be worked out and there will be something like the video testimony Clinton did. Just another in a long list of pinprick assaults on Bush since 2000...

WOW, what if this were actually true.

Ok ...so is he just covering his butt?

If it was a member of the White House staff, why would Pres. Bush need an attorney?
I don't understand.

Why do I have the sickening feeling that this might be the thing that gives us President Kerry?

David Kendall was Clinton's private lawyer. It may or may not be a big deal, but if there is an active investigation, President Bush needs a private lawyer.

"Contacts outside attorney" could be anything from I'm so screwed to Everyone tells me it's bullshit, I'm glad you agree.
And none of us should trust those bastards at ABC.

"Ok ...so is he just covering his butt?"

If there is a politically motivated chance where Bush would be subpoenaed to give testimony in this investigation, then he damn well ought to have an attorney.

OK, ok, ok. Settle down. Think about it. If the White House is under investigation, the WH counsel may also be a target of the investigation. He decided to get outside advice.

"Why do I have the sickening feeling that this might be the thing that gives us President Kerry?"
Because you have no faith.

Could Dick Cheney be needing to spend more time with his family? Can you say, "Rudy?"

STOP IT!!!! Just get ahold of yerself, yer scarin' me. Anyway, I don't think this would give us a President Kerry. I think, if she smells blood in the water, well, youknowtherest.

I hope we're not headed that way. I really, really do.

I seriously doubt that Bush himself leaked anything to Novak. The White House may have an outside attorney working on legal research related to this issue, and Bush may have spoken to this attorney once. Therefore he has "contacted" this attorney and ABC News will attempt to blow this up into propaganda they can use against Bush & Cheney. Same old stuff from the liberal media....a tempest in a teapot.

Why don't we wait for a bit more information?

Uh, yes. Dick needs to go, pronto. One of his boys is going to get nailed in this telling-secrets-to-Chalabi thing, and he'll be damaged goods from then on out. Might as well leave while the gettings good. Something tells me he's going to get one of those proverbial visits from his doctor telling him that he needs to step down for "health related reasons."

This makes me VERY nervous. Why do I get the sinking feeling something big is going down?? Time for some Pepto.

Go ahead. Gloat. You know you want to.


Kettle, You're Black!
Cheney spokeswoman Mary Matalin, 1 June 2004:

"The vice president had no operational involvement with letting of any contracts," she said on NBC's "Today" show."

Al Gore, 7 March 1997:

"There is no controlling legal authority that says this was in violation of law."


Chalabi Tipped Iran About Broken Codes

The FBI is investigating who in the U.S. government leaked information to former Iraqi exile Ahmad Chalabi that made its way into the hands of the Iranian government, potentially damaging American efforts to monitor Tehran's activities, government officials said Wednesday.

The officials, who would speak only on condition of anonymity because the information remained classified, said the U.S. government has evidence that Chalabi or his followers told Iran that Washington had cracked some of it secret codes for transmitting sensitive information.

The official said that a raid last month on Chalabi's home inside Iraq was conducted to determine how the leader of the Iraqi National Congress got the information and whom he shared it with. The FBI is already trying to determine if someone in the U.S. government gave the information to Chalabi, which would be a criminal offense for leaking highly classified material, the official said.


Appearing on NBC"s "Today" show Wednesday, national security adviser Condoleezza Rice said: "I actually can't comment on this story. I don't know about its veracity or not. I'm sure if there is anything there, it will be investigated."


Chalabi, a member of the Shiite Islamic sect to which the majority of Iranians and Iraqis belong, once was a favorite of Pentagon officials.

Yes, and not just at the Pentagon... why, he was invited to watch Bush's SOTU speech not all that long ago.

An Iranian spy... invited to sit in the Capitol... to watch the SOTU speech.

Can you imagine if Clinton had done something like that???

At least we can cancel the missing persons alert for Condi, now that she's popped up again to explain away yet another Bush mess.

Josh Marshall hints that either Feith or Wolfowitz is possibly in a world o' trouble. I don't know which one made the 'Chalabi == Mohammed' remark.


Tuesday, June 01, 2004

"The Day After Tomorrow"
Girlfriend kinda dragged me to see it last night. I was exhausted from running the snack bar all weekend long (what holiday?), so was rather pliable to the idea of spending two hours watching boffo SFX in a nice, cool theater. God turned up the Arizona thermostat right on cue with June on our doorstep.

I wouldn't say it's a crappy movie, but it was a typical disaster movie and about a half hour too long. I really didn't care for it, nor the characters. They could have all died and I would not have been moved one bit.

The Vice President character looked like Cheney. There was an implicit anti-Republican angle to the movie... that's about the only thing I liked about it.

So... go see Shrek 2 or just about any other movie. This one is borderline-stinker.


Anti-Kerry Vets Get Hysterical
A group of Vietnam veterans opposed to John Kerry's presidential campaign demanded Tuesday that he remove a photograph that appears in one of his television advertisements.

In Tuesday's "cease and desist" letter, Swift Boat Veterans for Truth called on Kerry's campaign to stop what it said was the unauthorized use of the images of some of them.... The U.S. Navy photo in question depicts 20 officers, including Kerry, and was taken January 22, 1969, on the island of An Thoi in Vietnam. The ad shows only a portion of the picture -- not all of the men are visible -- and is displayed for two seconds. [emphasis added - ed.]

But even the men who are not in the ad have a right to demand the picture not be used, said Alvin A. Horne, a Houston attorney who served on a swift boat in Vietnam in 1969-1970. He is giving legal advice to the group. Eleven of the 20 men in the picture oppose their images being used in the campaign ad, he said.

They certainly have the right to demand the picture not be used, even though they don't appear in the ad. Just like I have the right to demand that the Bush-Cheney crusade not use 9/11 images in their ads even though I don't appear in them.

Methinks they're being fucking ridiculous...


No Longer OK To Recite Names Of Dead Soldiers
Now that Memorial Day weekend is over, it is now no longer officially OK to recite the names of dead soldiers without giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

If you should do so, you are subject to having your patriotism and motives attacked, and you may well be giving aid and comfort to The Enemies And Evil-Doers Who Hate Peace And Freedom(TM) by weakening our nation's will to sacrifice young Americans' lives for Halliburton the Bush/Cheney '04 crusade whatever reason for which we're going to war this week. You might even find yourself the subject of an on-air attack by the Sinclair Broadcast Group.

Consider yourself warned.


Long Memorial Day Weekend
I self-appointed myself as snack bar manager at our homeowner's association's Memorial Day party. It's a long tradition, goes on all weekend long. Everyone loved what I did with the snack bar - we even had sushi! They gave me a $50 gift certificate for a very nice northern Italian restaurant that's right around the corner, for my efforts.

So that's why I didn't post anything the last few days. I'm sure all 3 of you somehow lived without my bloggy goodness.