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Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Pee in the cup, Rush.

Rush Limbaugh should be required to take a urine test weekly, and the results posted at his site.

After all, if he's got nothing to hide, he shouldn't object, right? Millions of Americans who have never been exposed as buyers of illegal drugs, are required to take piss tests in order to keep their jobs. Why not Rush?


"Unelectable" - down the memory hole?

At the end of last week, "unelectable" had finally succeeded in google-bombing George W Bush's bio page. - that is, it became the #1 page returned when Google-ing the word "unelectable".

But tonight I discovered that if you google "unelectable", the Bush bio page is not at the top; in fact, it is not even one of the first 100 hits (I did not look any farther).

What happened? Did the White House lean on Google? Are there GOP moles at Google? This is strange...


Well, now the Bush bio page is #1 again. I should have taken a screen shot. Strange that it disappeared from a Google search and then re-appeared...