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Saturday, December 20, 2003

Money talks... Bush walks.

Money spent investigating the Clenis(TM): $70 million - $80 million
Money spent investigating 9/11: $3 million
Covering up the Bush regime's complicity in 9/11: priceless


Tuesday, December 16, 2003

War Profiteering

Paul Krugman writes on war profiteering.


Monday, December 15, 2003

Saddam's fate: Expect The Expedient

I'm with Joe Conason, in a modified way.

Given the dirty laundry of previous US administrations and Saddam, the expedient thing for Bush to do would be to make sure he meets Allah, the sooner the better, via an Iraqi war crimes tribunal. He'd likely be tried and executed by end of next year.

The most legitimate, would be to hand him over to the International Criminal Court. That won't happen, with this relentlessly partisan administration. Expect the expedient.

I'm hoping this means we don't have to hear much about Michael Jackson in 2004.



The googlebomb campaign is having some measure of success - the Bush bio page itself doesn't yet show up in the first 100 hits of a google search for "unelectable". However, some wiseass (heh heh) copped the unelectable.com domain, framed the Bush bio page, and now that page shows up at #28 in the same google search.


Sunday, December 14, 2003

Saddam Captured

Me:I am glad Saddam was captured.

Flying Monkey Right-winger:So am I! It proves Bush was right to invade Iraq!

Me:Well, it doesn't change the fact he lied to get us into a war. It doesn't change the fact that thousands of innocent Iraqis have died, and will continue to die thanks to unexploded cluster bombs and the siege mentality of our troops, who are likely to shoot first and ask questions later because of the poor security situation in Iraq.

Flying Monkey Right-winger:Why do you love Saddam? You'd rather see him still in power wouldn't you?

Me:No, I'm glad he's gone. But the same day, one of our soldiers was killed by a bomb. And a car bomb exploded west of Baghdad, killing 17 and wounding 33.

Flying Monkey Right-winger:Why do you hate our troops? Why do you want to see them die?

Me:I don't want them to die. I want them to come home safe. But it doesn't change the fact that Bush lied. There were no WMD, there were no nuclear weapons.

Flying Monkey Right-winger:You hate America! You're a Saddam-lover!

Me:*sigh* No, I don't and no I'm not. I love this country. I've spent a lot of time abroad so I actually know something about life outside America. I love my country but it's perfectly patriotic to criticize it. You do know that there was no connection between Saddam and al-Qaeda?

Flying Monkey right-winger:You love dictators!

Me:I'm getting a little tired of this. Where's the proof that there was any connection between Saddam and al-Qaeda? Mohammed Atta never met with Iraqi agents in Prague. Abu Nidal was not trained by Iraqi intelligence. That's all they ever had and it's been debunked.

Flying Monkey right-winger:Why do you hate America?

Me:You're sounding like a broken record. Do you realize that this isn't the end of the resistance in Iraq? Saddam was hiding in a hole. He wasn't directing the resistance. He was, at most, a symbol to them. The resistance is coming from foreigners from Iran and Syria and elsewhere coming into Iraq, from Baathists, and from al-Qaeda sympathizers who want to take their shot at America, now that we are in their backyard.

Flying Monkey right-winger:Ah-HA! So there WAS a connection between al-Qaeda and Iraq!

Me:No, not until we invaded Iraq. Just like the war critics said, the invasion caused more terrorism and violence. It created terrorists.

Flying Monkey right-winger:See? You hate our troops! You are giving aid and comfort to the enemy!

Me:By observing facts? I didn't know we America-hating liberals had so much power! I wonder why we don't control the White House and Congress by now, if we can accomplish so much with just our mere thoughts.

Flying Monkey right-winger:Our troops are putting their lives on the line! You owe it to them to support them!

Me:And I do support them. It's a pity Bush doesn't. It's a pity that they are fighting and dying so Bush's cronies can engage in war profiteering. You DO know that Halliburton has been gouging the government over the price of gasoline for Iraqis, right? You DO know he hasn't visited any of our wounded troops, hasn't gone to a single funeral for a dead soldier, and the Pentagon has barred the media from covering the return of the caskets of dead soldiers to Dover AFB?

Flying Monkey right-winger:We have to keep our morale up in order to support our troops!

Me:By ignoring the war dead? By ignoring the war injured?

Flying Monkey right-winger:You want them to die! The more that die, the happier you are!

Me:Of course not. I think they are deserving of proper respect, not being swept under the rug.

Flying Monkey right-winger:You want the economy to do poorly too!

Me:Well, speaking of that, the capture of Saddam doesn't change the fact that Bush has spent us deeply into debt and run the economy in the ditch and given the rich an enormous cash advance on our national credit card.

Flying Monkey right-winger:So you want higher taxes! Tax-and-spend Democrat!

Me:Hardly. I want responsible government. If you are going to cut taxes, fine. But cut government spending too. And if you're going to give the wealthy the vast majority of the benefits of a tax cut, don't lie to us and tell us that the middle class and the poor are getting a great deal. They didn't.

Flying Monkey right-winger:Class warfare!

Me:Class warfare is robbing from the poor and middle class, and giving to the rich. Class warfare is enabling Enron to swindle thousands out of their life savings, and yet Ken Lay is a free man. Rush Limbaugh is a free man. But Tommy Chong is in jail for selling glass. Courtney Love got thrown in jail for possession of the same drugs Rush was abusing.

Look: one last time: It's great Saddam was captured. It's a great day for Iraqis. But it doesn't change the fact that the Bush regime failed to plan for the aftermath of the fall of Baghdad. We squandered a precious opportunity in the days after that, to give Iraqis confidence that we were there to free them and make their lives better. Bush's cronies are engaging in shameless war profiteering. I don't think it's right that our troops should be dying for Halliburton's bottom line. It doesn't change the fact that Bush and his regime lied like crazy to get us into the war. It doesn't change the fact that resistance will continue. It doesn't change the fact this was an imperial war. It doesn't change the fact that the reconstruction and transition to Iraqi rule is going poorly. There will likely be a civil war in Iraq. It doesn't change the fact that Bush has spent us deeply into debt and mismanaged the economy. It doesn't change the fact that Bush has alienated our allies.

Flying Monkey right-wingerWhy do you hate America so much? Why do you hate our troops so much? Why do you love Saddam and dictators so much?

Me:Oh, I give up. Go back to listening to Rush and watching Fox News. You're hopeless.