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Thursday, November 20, 2003

Pop Quiz

What was still the Big Story that the corporate media had been flogging relentlessly, on 10 September 2001?






Gary Condit

Remember how the media wrung its collective hands and said, "wow we were kind of obsessed with trivial shit, weren't we? We're sorry, we got the wake-up call. We'll be better from now on."

Gee, I'm glad that 9/11 changed everything for the media. For, like, five minutes.


Michael Jackson 24/7

Wow I'm sure glad that the news media are falling all over themselves to cover the Michael Jackson deal. I'm sure we will be hearing a lot - a lot - more about it in the days and weeks to come.

And I for one am glad, because this is certainly very newsworthy. I mean, I had had absolutely no idea Jacko was a freakish child molester!

I mean, it's not like there's a war going on where a soldier or two or more die every day.

It's not like, you know, the Bush Administration lied and deceived every-which-way to start an illegitimate and illegal war.

Or that the Republican Congress and Administration is spending us into a hole it will take decades to climb back out of.

Or that a senior Administration official blew the cover of a CIA agent working on those dreaded WMDs we supposedly fought a war over.

Or that we will all soon be entrusting our democracy to black boxes made by a firm with strong GOP ties which leave no paper trail and which use buggy, unsecure software that's proprietary so that no nosy hackers can (legally) analyze it to find its flaws.

No, none of this is going on. What's more, I would certainly never mean to suggest that the Jacko media circle-jerk is Exhibit A that our corporate media is by and large a bunch of good-for-nothing, lazy-ass scribes for the rich and powerful who would rather cover the celebrity scandal du jour than do any actual investigating and reporting on shit that really matters.

Hey, look over there! It's Michael Jackson!