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Wednesday, June 18, 2003

More O'Idiocy from O'Reilly

Bill O'Reilly tees off on the Internet and those terrible bloggers in a totally ridiculous column published this past Monday (June 16).

We now have... ideologues accusing public officials of the worst things imaginable.

Gee, Bill, kinda like the way you and your right-wing character assassins went after the Clintons in the 90's?

And creeps gossiping about celebrities in the crudest of ways. The Internet has become a sewer of slander and libel, an unpatrolled polluted waterway, where just about anything goes.

Gee, Bill, kinda like Fox News Channel, Ann Coulter's books, and Rush Limbaugh's radio show?

These small time hit and run operators on the net, however, can traffic in perversity and falsehoods all day long with impunity.  It's almost impossible to rein them in.

That's right Bill, only big corporate media outlets like Fox News Channel should have the right to traffic in lies and slander.