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Monday, June 09, 2003

Savage sues to shut up critics

I have an acquaintance named Julie Sigwart. We haven't seen each other in a while, so I was surprised when a friend forwarded a news item he'd read to me, and there was her name. She's been sued by notorious hate-radio host Michael Savage over some criticism of him on the website Julie and her husband run, TakeBackTheMedia.com. Savage's Talk Radio Network also sued SavageStupidity.com and MichaelSavageSucks.com.

It's worth noting that the lawsuit names Julie personally as a defendant, rather than the corporation in whose name TBTM is run. If this were a 'legitimate' lawsuit, they'd sue the corporation. Instead they are suing her personally.

The message is clear: SHUT UP OR WE WILL RUIN YOU

None of these sites are run by people who have the kind of money TRN has. They are trying to bully and intimidate their critics into silence.


Go visit TakeBackTheMedia.com's site and contribute to their legal defense fund. And ask your friends to do the same, and tell their friends and so on.

This is not just Julie and Michael's fight. This is OUR fight, every single one of us.